Who We Are

Due to the importance of cinematographic and audiovisual activity as a general cultural expression of identity and social impact, since it represents a cultural industry with special economic characteristics, since 2006 it began in a concrete way with the creation of a Law that promoted the film industry in the country, embodying the basic idea that in order to be able to develop it in an important way, the incentives and support of the State should be counted on, mainly for the production of national films because it was of great economic and technical difficulty, and the industry in the country faced deep structural barriers that affected its competitiveness with other audiovisual products domestically and abroad. Due to this, and with the aim of placing the Dominican Republic on a par with other nations in the region in terms of film production and being one of the main film destinations in the region, a legal regulation was created under Law No. 108-10 for the Promotion of Cinematographic Activity in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic Film Commission (DGCINE) is a decentralized institution of the Dominican State, with legal personality, with administrative, financial and technical autonomy, attached to the Ministry of Culture. The DGCINE was created as a result of the enactment of Law No. 108-10. The DGCINE was instituted with the purpose of promoting and encouraging the development of a national film industry, administering the tax incentives created by Law No. 108-10, positioning the country as a destination for locations for foreign productions.


Promote the development of the national film industry as well as establish and order policies for cinematographic and audiovisual activities, attending to the internationalization of the national industry, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 108-10.


Strengthen our role as a facilitator of activities and executor of policies aimed at strengthening the cinematographic culture in the country, as well as consolidating our commitment with international spaces for the promotion, exchange and training in cinematographic matters.