Filming Studio

Service description

The registration in SIRECINE of Filming Studios working in the Dominican Republic is mandatory. Article 30 of the Regulation for the Application of the law 108-10.

Who is it for


Department that offers it

Film Information and Registry System/Technical and Audiovisual Division

Contact information

Contact person: Jamilet Ramírez
Address: 154 Cayetano Rodríguez Street, Gascue, Postal Code 10205, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Phone: 809-687-2166, ext. 213


  1. Filming Studio registration form with the company’s information.
  2. Copy of the company’s constitutive documents.

NOTE: Exclusive to the cinematic industry.

  1. Registered copy of the company’s Memorandum of Association where it designates the manager or the council of administration of the company.
  2. Valid Mercantile Registration certificate.
  3. Document that proves that the company is a registered taxpayer (Acta de Registro Nacional del Contribuyente –DGII).
  4. Copy of the legal representative’s identification document as stated in the company’s Memorandum of Association.
  5. Documentation respecting security and evacuation plans from site.
  6. Registration payment receipt.

Technical Requirements:

Architectural plans approved by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications.

  1. Fire protection system.
  2. Water supply pressure.
  3. Design with the obligatory security and sanitary standards.
  4. Parking lot for personnel, clients, visitors and heavy vehicles.

The Filming Studio must have:

  1. Filming studio
    1. The construction must have the required acoustic characteristics.
    2. Extraction system.
  2. Production office
  3. Art offices
    1. Utility spaces.
    2. Storage rooms.

Procedures to follow

  1. Login to the Online Services Portal; (If you are not registered, you must register).
  2. Search and select the service, in the service area of the Portal.
  3. Press the green “Get Service” button.
  4. Click on the green button that says “Confirm” to continue (This button indicates the delivery time that the institution undertakes to provide the service).
  5. Complete the other fields of the form.

Additional Information

Banreservas bank account where the deposit must be made: No.010-252130-1, Tesorería Nacional (National Treasury).

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