Fiscal Registry for Film Agents and Service Providers

Service description

All Film Agents and Service Providers that want to be exempt of the Goods and Services tax (ITBIS) MUST obtain their fiscal registry. Article 47 of the Regulation for the Application of the law 108-10.

Who is it for

Companies / Individuals

Department that offers it

Film Information and Registry System/Technical and Audiovisual Division

Contact information

Contact person: Carmen Olivence
Address: 154 Cayetano Rodríguez Street, Gascue, Postal Code 10205, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Phone: 809-687-2166, ext. 213


  1. Fiscal Registry for Film Agents and Service Providers registration form with the company and/or agent’s information.
  2. Copy of the correspondent SIRECINE registration certificate, issued by DGCINE.
  3. Certificate issued by the fiscal authorities (DGII) that certifies that the applicant is up to date with their fiscal obligations.
  4. Registration payment receipt.

Procedures to follow

  1. Login to the Online Services Portal; (If you are not registered, you must register).
  2. Search and select the service, in the service area of the Portal.
  3. Press the green “Get Service” button.
  4. Click on the green button that says “Confirm” to continue (This button indicates the delivery time that the institution undertakes to provide the service).
  5. Complete the other fields of the form.

Additional Information

Banreservas bank account where the deposit must be made: No.010-252130-1, Tesorería Nacional (National Treasury).


  1. List of admitted goods and services (Application Regulations of Law 108-10, Art.189).
  2. Production Companies and producers must have a Shooting Permit (SP).
  3. To renew this registry, you must follow the same process stated above and attach expired certificate.

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