Message from the FILM COMMISSIONER / Yvette Marichal

The Dominican Republic Film Commission takes measures regarding COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic

Greetings from the Dominican Republic Film Commission,

In response to the rapidly evolving events surrounding COVID-19, the government of the Dominican Republic issued a statement declaring a national state of emergency, prohibiting all activities except those that are regarded as essential needs, this includes shoots of any audiovisual projects. We are all living a worldwide situation where the lives and the health of everyone are of utmost importance to us here at the Dominican Republic Film Commission.

The DR Film Commission ordered the suspension of all filming activities, which went into effect on March 19. In the current state of emergency, it is impossible to guarantee that there will be absolute isolation and no contact in an audiovisual project in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19, which generates a risk for cast, crew, and service providers.

While the state of emergency is in place, the Dominican Republic Film Commission will not be issuing filming permits and does not authorize any shoots at this moment. We are facing a global health urgency situation, yet following the government measures – and in times of such unprecedented uncertainty – this is now our only viable option. Clearly, this is not a course of action we had hoped to take and we apologize for any disruptions.

We take the health and safety of both our local and international cast, crew, and service providers very seriously and we are taking preventative steps to ensure the wellbeing of all those who make up the film industry. We all must remain alert and secluded until the current situation is under control and we can resume all the audiovisual shoots when our local authorities indicate us to do so. Until then, please stay safe.

Kindest Regards,
Yvette Marichal
Film Commissioner
Dominican Republic Film Commission

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